The Wall Is Going Up!

Thailand Begins Work ProjectWhat a busy few days we have had here in Thailand. We got settled in on Thursday and started right into work on Friday. A lot of blocks have been laid for the wall and they are ready to start another area which needs to be prepared first. They were not sure if we would get the part done we have been working on, but it is already 1/4 of the way done in two days, so we will get more done than expected. The weather is very-much like Florida…hot and humid, but we have not had any rain, though it is rainy season. They have graciously given us a fan for each room which helps a little. We are ready for our bucket baths by the end of the day! We are up at 5 AM, the same time as the orphans, and get a few hours work done before breakfast since it is still “cool”. They are at school while we are working and having some classes, then we have about an hour a day with them. Today we spent a few hours doing music, balloons, puppets and playing games with them. They loved the puppets and balloons especially. It is so much fun to get to know the kids. Tomorrow we will be going to a church to do a 20 minute presentation. There is also a pool near by with showers, so we hope to go there sometime. There is a “corner store” that we can walk to after work to get goodies and cold drinks. Ants are a real problem here so we have to eat what we get! We are thankful for everyone’s prayers. The team is doing well and staying healthy overall (a few sniffles). It has taken us 3 days to get over the time change and travel, but we are on track now! Lord bless you all. Thailand team

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