Sweden SnowWe had our first sightseeing day on Thursday. A good time was had by all. We traveled two hours to the northwest into the mountains that divide Sweden and Norway. Our first stop was at a divide with a beautiful river that was a mixture of small falls and rapids. The team bought ice cream and other special treats at a little shop. They also got to have Swedish coffee that our host missionary, Phill, made for us. It was a very cold and windy day so the coffee was greatly appreciated. After that we got back in our cars and drove to a very arid part of Sweden to the Feele. The word has never been translated to English, but it is up in the mountains and similar to a tundra. It is where a people group called the Sami live. They own all of the reindeer in Sweden and lived here prior to the first Swedish settlers. It was really beautiful and a very unique landscape. There were no trees and you could see for miles. It is still really cold – cold enough that there are still patches of snow on the ground! So we had a snowball fight in the middle of July. Fun was had by all. After this part of our trip we got to have a traditional Swedish meal, but the day did not end there. Our next stop was to see a traditional Sami village. It is still used as a meeting point for the Sami people. They all meet once a year to celebrate Midsummers Eve at this spot. Any marraiges or funerals took place during this time, do to it being the only time that there was a pastor. The Sami people were not there now, but it was neat to see how they live. While we were there, we toured an old church in the village and the team sang a song and it sounded especially beautiful in the small wooden building. Then we began our long trip back. We ate dinner at the church and got to listen to traditional Swedish folk music in town to finish off our amazing day. Praise the Lord. On Friday we finished leveling the ground around the well painted a trailer and put wood slats in it. We also put the first four pieces of timber in of log house that will be used for sheep. The team was really excited about that. Today the team has gone shopping and will have church tonight.

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