The Lord Is Doing Great Things

Walking to ChurchGreetings from beautiful Switzerland! The warm sun is shines over the flowered green hills, while a gentle breeze blows through the fruit trees, wheat fields, and crisp grass that covers the Swiss countryside. Small yachts and sailboats dot the sparkling blue waters of Lake Thun, filled with residents of the quaint, white-walled villages that stand around its shore. The snowy Alps tower in the distance, veiled and unveiled with each passing cloud, making them mysterious mountains of grandeur and majesty that testify to the greatness of their Creator. But the scenery is only a small part of the exciting things we have to tell you of here at YWAM Einigen! the Lord is accomplishing great things through our team, both in the natural and the supernatural! We began work on the painting of the beautiful 180 year old mansion that sits on top of the hill overlooking the property. This stately house is a masterpiece of Victorian workmanship, and it shows on both the interior and the exterior, so great care and precision will be required of the team in their work. The first step to the painting process is the tedious task of scraping the old, cracking paint off each one of the thousands of scale-like shingles that cover the house. The master painter who was on site when the work began said that he was so impressed with how much work the team accomplished in even just the first day. But what impressed him most of all was the good, cheerful attitude that each one of the team members showed in the doing of a task that even a master painter dreads doing! That led him ask more questions about who we were and what we were doing here. We are confident that the next day he comes to check on the progress of the house, he will be even more impressed, because the team is doing a wonderful job, to the great joy and satisfaction of its caretaker. She said that the team works like “ants”: diligently and as one unit. The light of the Gospel is shining through our work here. Unsaved people who come and go from this place and the surrounding area notice how the team sits and reads their Bibles every morning before breakfast. We spoke with a couple the other day about how each team members and leader raised support to come here, and they could hardly contain their curiosity, asking question after question! We are a “sign and a wonder” to all around us, and we praise God that they are seeing our good works, with the purpose of our Father in heaven being glorified!

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