Safe Arrival In Malawi

Malawi ChildOur team left Orlando International Airport on 7/6/09 and flew to Washington, D.C., then on to London.  When we arrived in London we loaded up on a tour bus with the Malawi Monkey Garden Preteen Team and went to see different sites around the area.  First we went to the London Eye, a large ferris wheel on the river.  The team was able to get great pictures of Parliament and several other buildings in London.  After that we drove to Buckingham Palace and saw the changing of the guard and were able to get several more pictures in front of the buildings and gates.  We had a lunch of Fish and Chips in a quaint restaurant near the Tower Bridges and were able to take more photos of the team.  We went on to do a driving tour of London seeing other historical places.  Then we had to return to the airport to catch our next flight. We arrived in Malawi on 7/8/09. We stopped for some bread and groceries and then proceeded to the base.  The next day, 7/09/09, The team went to the Melissa Foster Orphans Rescue Unit to begin recruitment for Vacation Bible School.  The team enjoyed meeting the children at the Unite and are looking forward to seeing all the children tomorrow.  After being at the Unit they went into the village to recurit other children tomorrow.  After being at the unit they went into the village to recruit other children for the Vacation Bible School.  While in the village the team was able to mee the local village chief and introduce themselves and get pictures.The team will be working with Vacation Bible School through 7/21.  They have been doing phonics classes, puppets, music, drama, and songs.  They are enjoying being with the children and hoping to make a lasting impact in their lives.On Saturday 7/11/09, the team was able to meet the another chief that was over a larger area.  They sang songs introduced themselves and were able to take pictures with the chief and other officials of the village areas. Sunday the team had their first team presentation in the Nazarene Church.  They did a wonderful job with their drama, songs and puppets.  Dave Waugh delivered a 30 minute sermon on how fears affect our lives, our relationship with God and that we need to further develop our trust in God.  After service we went to a local lodge and ate chicken and rice with greens and had cold sodas.  We had a relaxing afternoon and really enjoyed the treat of drinking a soda.  While there at the lodge the team was able to go swimming and had a good time of fellowship together.  After that we went back to the base for our memory verse review, dinner, and evening devotions. The team is looking forward to beginning fishing today with the children during Vacation Bible School.  Everyones health is well.  Please remember to pray for our team.  We still have members who are homesick. The weather is a little chilly in the mornings but warms up nicely through the day.  Lots of sunshine and no rain.


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