838 Decisions For Christ!

Zambia Orphan Angels TeamBlessed greetings to one and all 🙂 We love you in Jesus and are praying for you. OA1 MSSM has returned to the TMI base in Ndola. We had a “tremendous” ministry ministering to 1,429 people (children, teens, adults) with 838 decisions for Christ – Praise the Lord! We are all well and looking forward to our visit to Victoria Falls, then on to Debrief and home sweet home. We praise our Lord for the eternal impact God privileged us to have! Thursday (7/16) – we travel to Victoria Falls for our sightseeing and making purchases;  Sunday (7/19) – we travel back to Lusaka for our flight out on Monday (7/20) to Debrief; Tuesday evening, we arrive in Orlando, Florida at 11:54PM. Debrief is from Wednesday (7/22) until Monday (7/27); Tuesday (7/28) – we fly home!!!! 🙂 We have many fantastic experiences to share with you all. We had a sharing time this past evening and the following sums up many of the comments: “We have so much and these children have little or nothing yet they are happy”; “I now realize just how short life can be and I am going to be a better witness when I return home”; “We have so much and are not happy but these children are happy with nothing – this makes me realize more than ever what is important in life and it is not things”; “Praise the Lord for Millian – he definitely made an impact on my life by showing us what it really means to live for Christ” (Millian (MSSM missionary) is our beloved brother in Christ we were very privileged to minister with). “Millian was a great encouragement to me and our team”. We praise God for safety on the road from Kansoka to Ndola – we all did very well with the traffic and riding through two cities – praise our Lord!!!!!! 🙂 Lori, Kelly, Jules, Joe, David, RJ, Rebecca, Tory, Jimmy, Nathan, and Jared all say a great big loud “Hi” and “we love you!” This will be our last email from Ndola and from the field as we will be traveling beginning Thursday (7/16). The TMI office will let you know when we land in Florida for debrief. With love, hugs, and kisses from all of us on OA1 MSSM! Thank you for praying – you have definitely made a hugh difference in our ministry success – Thank You. All praise, honor, and glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ,

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