And It Continues To Rain

Belize ChurchIt has been raining nearly every day and slows down the work on the project. We are getting the parts and hope to finish the plumbing today if the weather holds out. The team members are anxious to pour the floor and get a few blocks laid. We visited a Spanish speaking church Sunday evening and the team shared some songs with them. It was a fun experience for all. This Thursday we will be in town to sell the 12 puppies. The team has had fun playing with them but we will all be glad to see them go so we can have a peaceful night of rest without them crying. We are also looking forward to our trip to Lamanai that is scheduled for this Saturday. Please be praying that the work project will run smoother so that we can make better progress. Pray that the rain will hold off for us to pour the floor. Pray for safety and health while traveling during our site seeing day.


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