Arrival To Project Site

Papua Team Tent SiteThe Papua team has arrived safely after five days of long travel. We were delayed coming in due to many storms in the area. We arrived here about 1PM Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and went to a church that night where Caanan, Brad and Zach shared their testimonies and Mike preached. On Saturday night, while we were in Ambon, we were able to go to Pastor Abrahams church, Ellim tabernacle church, where the team sang two songs and Pablo, Elizabeth and Tyler shared their testimonies, with Mike preaching again. The weather here is hot and there seems to have been a lot of rain as the ground is very, very, very…. muddy! The land is beautiful and tropical. Lots of Mosquitoes. We have all our tents set up and are working on a shower area. The water table here is very high and apparently it rains a whole lot here. We are working on setting the kitchen up and will be spending today doing laundry and doing reviews and letters home. The kids are all doing well, but are tired after the time change and many long days of travel. We are excited to begin our project on the BMW building. We are all in town today to get food suypplies and so the kids can get soap etc…. They have enjoyed seeing some of the country as we have driven around. I think they are looking forward to some “American” food, in exchange of the rice and fish and veggies they have had for the last three days ( though the food is very good). They have been promised Biscuits and gravy tomorrow.¬†Love to all the parents. We cant wait to share everything that happens in the next week or so.


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