Blessings Galore!

Our team arrived safely with all our luggage last night around 1am. We loaded up into three small trucks and rode one hour to Camp Zion. Harry and his wife, who are the caretakers at Camp Zion, had beds made up and warmly welcomed us. We slept in a bit this morning, had a big lunch and went straight to work. The layouts are being designed and measurements are being taken this afternoon in preparation to start laying the first rows of blocks. The team is excited that it sounds like we are doing mostly blocklaying as they really enjoyed and excelled in blocklaying at Boot Camp. Thank you Nathan Strite! The foundation was laid prior to our arrival as well as the steel frame. Our team will be building walls around the current dormatory/diningroom/kitchen building before demolishing the existing building. We are blessed with bunks beds for everyone with nice mattresses and pillows! We have running water in the kitchen and bathrooms, flushing toilets and running showers.


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