Fun And Work

On Saturday morning we cemented over some underground electrical pipes and started removing stones and rocks from around the BMW buildings. We also started back-filling trenches that had water pipes for the buildings. On Saturday afternoon, the team enjoyed going down to Noosa River with the BMW students for a Barbie (barbeque) where we had some snags (sausages) and fried spuds (potatoes), then we all walked down to McDonalds for a soft-serve ice-cream. On Sunday morning we went to the Cooroy Hinterland Church (Assemblies of God) for a youth service. The youth there had just come home from a youth camp and the team enjoyed fellowshipping with them and staying after church for some hot-dogs and coffee. They have invited us to their youth group this Friday night. On Sunday evening we went to the Salvation Army Youth Service which is held once a month. We enjoyed fellowship with them along with some vegemite eating competitions, which unfortunatley our Americans lost at, due to their aversion to the taste of vegemite. We had some supper with their youth after church and will also be returning to their youth group to share at a later date. This week we will have a lot of work to do on the BMW buildings. The skies have been blue and it iscool in the evenings – lows of about 12 C and highs of about 20 c (figure that out Americans!).


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