In Our Routine

The flight was smooth. We had meals on both flights and the kids enjoyed all of the snacks provided by the parents throughout the traveling day. When we arrived in Quito, Juan Carlos greeted us and we enjoyed a scenic bus ride to the base in Latacunga. The kids really enjoyed the mountains and beautiful landscape. Beth and I grocery shopped while the kids and the men unloaded and got settled into their bunks. There are two boy rooms and two girl rooms. All rooms have running water with semi hot water, running toilets, and sinks. Each kid has a bed with a mattress. The kids are in a good routine and and are working hard throughout the day. During the week Wynter, Sarah, Taylor continually cleared out the brick pathways and Daniel, Amber, Karis, and Andrew helped Mr. Mike build an extension to the driveway by laying bricks. Eric, Samuel and Christa worked on leveling the ground and sweeping the gravel into the bricks.  Jonathan and Jacob helped by carrying bricks to and from for the others.  Bekah, Jessie, Javaughn and Mr. Josiah also cleaned out the chapel and prepared the tents for the boot camp that will start at the end of this month.    Amber, Daniel, Karis, Samuel, Mitchell, Javaughn, Andrew, and Jeremiah worked hard in the kitchen preparing meals and keeping up with the dish line.  This week coming up they are going to pour concrete at the end of the driveway, paint the interior of the chapel and finish clearing the brick pathways. Today we attended church in Latacunga.  The kids made a presentation of two worship songs and introduced themselves. Kids were treated to hot dogs after the service to support the church.


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