Rest Stop Along The Amazon River

Amazon River Boat RideAmazon Team arrived in the river town of Santarem last night and the team has had an opportunity to stretch their legs this morning on dry land. We sail again at noon, so the ones that were up to date on their memory verses have been given the priviledge to walk a couple of miles to town and see the open market. We have also used the opportunity to get a couple more 5 gallon bottles of mineral water. By chance, we found a Cybercafe open and I am blessed with a chance to give folks a quick update on our journey so far. On Friday the team worked real hard cleaning up the church before the bus came to take them to the port. Dave and Giovanni left early morning to the boat to mark out our territoy on the boat and put up all our hammocks. About noon the team arrived and really put a good effort in carrying all 40 duffels through the crowd and onto the dock before again carrying them up onto the boat. Not one complaint was heard as the whole team hussled and we safely got everything on board. About 3:45pm we were surprised to hear the boat horn blow and it was pulling out from the dock early. James (leader) and Christopher were still on shore and we had a little panic, but fortunately the boat waited out a little ways while an outboard dinghy brought the two guys to us. A lesson was learned and we are making sure we get back tot he boat early this time. The first night was pretty long for everyone as they adjusted to sleeping in the hammocks, but last night we all slept much better and even had to shake most of them to get up this morning. We have enjoyed having devotions on the top deck as the sun rises over the river, and in the evenings we gather to sing some worship songs and one of the members shares their testimony. There are a lot of BRazilians and foreigners on the boat and quite a few opportunities to share Christ, so we praise the Lord for this time. We sail at noon and will be arriving in Belem Tuesday morning, all going well.

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