Safe Arrival In Cameroon

Rescue Unit KidsThe Cameroon team has arrived safely with all of our luggage. Our trip started out with a delay in flights from the Orlando International Airport. We were to fly at 11AM and did not fly until 7PM. The delay ended up being a blessing in that Clarie’s mom, who was in transit herself, had the opportunity to spend time with the team. We landed in London four hours later than planned, but again, we were surprised to find Seth H.’s parents on the same flight. They were on their way to visit a daughter who is a missionary. Seth said, “I was beginning to think there was something crazy in my malaria pill when I looked up and saw my mom walking down the plane aisle.” Lindley, a lady leader, left her glasses, contacts and meds on the plane. We reported it and within 30 minutes, we had them in hand. Our British bus driver said that it was a miracle. We think so, too. We enjoyed our day in London. We rode the London Eye (a giant ferris wheel). It was a beautiful sunny day and we got some awesome pictures. We ate Fish N’ Chips in the garden just opposite the London Tower. We had a fantastic tour guide and a great day. We flew all night to Kenya and then spent the day in the Nairobi Airport. We were treated by the airlines to a three-course lunch consisting of carrot soup, bread and a choice of spaghetti, fish or beef and a soft drink. It was in a really nice restaurant and we enjoyed it.We slept quite a bit during the day and everyone got caught up on their verses. The last two hours, the team sang songs for everyone at our end of the airport and it was enjoyed by all. We arrived in Cameroon at 9:30 PM on the 11th. We got through customs very quickly and found our luggage and made it to our guest house by 11:30 for the night. It is a beautiful guest house and in the morning, they fed us breakfast of bread, hot chocolate and fresh fruits. We arrived at the Teen Missions In Cameroon base at 6 PM on the 12th and our staff had graciously prepared a meal of rice and ground nut soup for us. We have a few with colds due to the travel and climate change, but no one is sick enough to be in the “sick tent”. Everyone is happy to be here and we are all looking forward to the week ahead.


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