Time Is Flying By!

Ireland GardensDon’t know where the time went, but we have only six days and seven nights until we leave here!  The wall is inching towards completion, and with just four days left to work on it, completion is not assured. Between weather and slow progress, it remains to be seen if we get it done or not. Currently about half the wall is up to the prescribed height and half is creeping upwards. The weather, rainy and “mizzly” mixed in with some sunshine can be frustrating. This past Saturday was our outing to Powerscourt Gardens. WOW!!! It is a really beautiful place. The gardens were begun back in the 1840s, and added onto by successive generations. It was also at Powerscourt where the prayer meetings that led to the establishment of the Plymouth Brethren denomination were first held. The day we were there was cloudy, but thankfully, the rain held off until after we had all walked the gardens. Next Saturday we will go to Dalkey Island, and, weather permitting, to a beach for a little while..

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