We Are Warming Up

Kindergarten PresentationThe Germany Preteen Team has finally warmed up! The weather has been cool and rainy since our arrival last Thursday, but today (Monday) the sun is shining and we can see blue sky. We have had several opportunities to do EV presentations- today we did four: one at a home for disabled and handicapped people and at three different kindergartens. In Germany, kindergartens are day care centers, not school for five year olds. Everyone enjoyed the puppets. The children especially enjoyed doing the clapping with the song, “I Will Call Upon the Lord”. The kids continued to take apart a trailer that once was used for beekeeping and now will be used to house chickens. They are also helping with the setup for the Tent Camp at Siloah. Around 1,000 people will be coming in a week to camp. We are glad that we will be able to help the Siloah staff prepare for this big event. More details to come in our next email. Auf wiedersehn!


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