Beginning Our Last Week In Haiti

HaitiIt is hard to believe we are headed into our last week here in Haiti! It has been an amazing experience and have seen a lot accomplished because of God.  All the rock walls on the water cistern are up and the columns are ready to pour.  The walls on the depot room are up and are being connected and the ground is being dug out and leveled. It is also amazing to look at the before pictures of the field and to see where it is at now. We are striving hard to see it completely leveled before we leave.  It incredible to see how deep we have dug out on corner and started filling in on the other side. On Friday, part of the team took a day EV trip down to the Kenscoff Market where they performed dramas, puppets and songs. We also stopped in Godet on the way back and did a presentation on a soccer field, which attracted a large group of people. Yesterday, we hiked down to Madeline to attend the church service there. The team was introduced and even performed a few songs on the spur of the moment. We got to hear Lance preach, and also accepted into his family his new godson, who is the child of the pastor and his wife. Following the service, the pastor surprised us by inviting us into his home and treating us to sandwiches and pop. It was a great time of Christian fellowship. Later that afternoon, another short but strong rainstorm came upon us and because we have no secure and reliable shelter, we stayed in a church nearby on the floor. The people are so hospitable, turning on the generator for us and making sure everyone was comfortable with dry bedding. We are back to our typical sunny weather now! The team is looking forward to their trip to Wahoo Bay for sightseeing and also making a stop at another orphanage for an EV opportunity in Delmar, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Thank you for all your prayers!  Haiti Team

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