Our Adventures In Fiji

Well we are on our way with our project here in Fiji. We have been on a renovation project fixing up a house. The team has been working hard cleaning the outside walls and scraping the paint off. We have experienced a bit of rain btu the kids are in high spirit. Our clothes are taking a bit longer to dry but all is well. They have also been having fun taking turns helping out in the kitchen. Each one has had at least one day in the kitchen. Last night we had fun getting out the rice crispy treats out of the pan. They were stuck to the pan so hard that I had to use all my strength to get them out. but it was well worth it. Bryce and K.C. did a good job. Johnny and David made brownies the other day and they tasted great as well. they made them nice and thick. Church on Sunday was fantactic the kids kept coming up to me telling me how wonderful it was and how it was like nothing they had ever experienced. It was good to see the team get excited about church. We plan to do some house visits with the church this week and continue working on the house. Everyone is healthy and we thanks God for that.


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