We Have Been Busy

Thailand Church PresentationWe have had a busy few days. On Saturday, we worked in the morning and had a couple of hours in the afternoon with the orphan children. They all had fun together. They loved the Laughing Song and the balloons. On Sunday, we went to church about 30 minutes away. It is the oldest church in Ubon. This is the first place we have gone that we have not had to take off our boots to enter the building! We did a presentation for them, and they had an English-speaking man from Nagaland, India, share and it was translated into Thai. That was a nice change for us! After church, they invited us to have lunch with them. Their favorite thing to eat is “sticky rice”. It is white rice that sticks together and is a little sweet. We also had about 6 bowls of other varieties of Thai food, mainly with vegetables. They were all good. Some had some very hot peppers in them, though! We appreciated the hospitality and enjoyed the fellowship. The Thai people are very gracious people. We also had some American and British people at the service too. They were excited to hear what we are doing and how we are helping the orphanage. Work is going really well. The team has been working hard laying blocks on one part of the wall and breaking down the old wall that needs to be rebuilt. It has been hot but Florida weather prepared us for that. We will be going to a school on Friday afternoons to do presentations and teach them some English. It is a public school so pray for our witness there.The orphanage is also going to make us lunch before we go each Friday to have more time with the kids. We are excited about that. The team has been doing well learning verses and love to quiz, more than any other team I’ve been on! We enjoy walking to the corner store to get sodas, etc. Thanks for your prayers.


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