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Malawi Tree PlantingIt has been over a week since the Malawi Garden Monkey Team has arrived in Malawi. I am finally able to get a working internet so I can write a thorough email. The team is doing awesome. Everyone seems to love this country. Most of the team members want to come back next year. They’ve had many great opportunities to minister to the orphans whether they do VBS programs, music or just letting them hold their hands as they walk back to the place they are staying. Preteens work well with orphans. Taylor  has learned to say “Jesus loves you” in Chichawa. Sometimes the kids and the preteens are in tears when the time comes to leave. I strongly believe that these orphans have strongly impacted their lives which is a huge blessing. God is doing great things through these preteens as well through the orphans. Along with the orphan ministry, the team has also been able to do many various kinds of jobs. They first started out building a garden at the Melissa Foster Rescue Unit by the base. They did everything, including tilling the garden, digging the holes, planting the seeds, and watering. Later today they will work on building a fence around the garden. Before this time, they also worked on the roof garden simply by putting sand and mud on top of it. Last Sunday the team walked about an hour to church. Church went well. The team was able to sing a couple of songs for the church service. They were tired after the walk so the whole team took an hour nap. Last Saturday they spent the day with the orphans playing games like soccer, duck, duck goose and many other games. The weather is still pretty normal—no rain, no strong wind, no extreme heat, no extreme cold. Malawi has awesome weather. There has been no major sickness except maybe a few aches, pains and blister here and there and some minor colds. God is doing great things in these kids lives. May the Lord bless you guys and keep you close to Him. Below are some blurbs that all the team members wrote.

#1 Brianna – Well, I’m here. I miss my dad but other than that I’m having fun. We usually only see monkeys in the morning, but there’s a lot of them. We`re half-way done with the orphanage gardens and are working on the soil for the roof garden.

#2 Nellie  – Wow! Only one week in Africa and so much has happened. We have almost finished the garden at the orphan unit (Name: Melissa Fostor). And we have seen the orphans and street children on several different occasions. We had lots of fun serving SBs today! We hauled buckets and buckets of mud from the river to the garden house. There has also been several monkey sightings.

#3 Allie S. – Hello from Allie S., I`m having a great time! The orphans are so sweet. They love cameras. I`m really touched by them. We`ve seen lots of monkeys. I`m having a great time. I can`t wait to see you all. Love in Christ, Allie

#4 Tiernan  – Hi mom and dad. I am hot and sweaty here. I have made a new friend here. I saw lots of monkeys today but I have not got a picture yet. I can`t wait to see you guys and I`m gona get you something nice.

#5 Ellie Rose S –  Hey guys, I`m having an awesome time here. I survived Boot Camp. Yea!!! I`m hoping I can see a hippo. Also the orphans make me cry because just when you wave at them it makes their day. Love Ellie Rose

#6 Danae  – Hey mom and dad, I am having a lot of fun. The electricity keeps coming on and off. It`s really kind of funny !! 🙂 I am missing you guys a lot, but I am not letting it ruin my time here. Our work project is fun. There is a bunch of ants here. But they are harmless. I have been having a lot of fun with the orphans. We have a ton of land here to run and play around. I love you guys a lot and miss you. -Danae

#7 Jessica  – Hey ya’ll! OK, so this trip is really fun! I love it! There is this little orphan who is SO cute! I call him my baby! lol Anyway, I can`t wait to come back even though I don`t want to leave. :p I love you mommy, daddy, Brandon & Darin I miss us! I love u too Mr. Paul & Mrs. Beth & my relatives. Love Jessica

#8 Taylor  – Dear mom, dad and friends. I am having a good time in Malawi. I have been playing with the orphans and working on the garden. I hope to be with you soon but I also don`t want this trip to end. I am growing in Christ everyday. The food here is ok but tonight we get to open candy bags. I can`t wait to see you all and play some. ICC. Sincerily, Taylor. P.S Yeld Kaja el said hi.

#9 Jennie  – When I first came here last year I thought , “What did I get myself into?”. Then I told myself  I would never do this again! But something in my heart told me to try it out just once more. When I got here this year I thought of all the good times I’d had. So far it has been a roller coaster ride!!! :p Loads of fun most of the time, and want-to-rip-your-hair-out stress some of the time! 🙂 But most of the time it is a LIFE CHANGING EVPERIENCE and just, WORDS CAN NOT DISCRIBE AFRICA AT ALL!!!!! It is amazing and BEAUTIFUL!!! Family, I’ll tell you more when I get home. Love you Jennie.

#10 Abi  – Hey Guys! I really miss you mom, dad and Zak! And you guys @ the door too! I really wish I could see yall right now!G2G!  Love, Abi

#11 Peter  – You live in a house, I live in a hut. You have you’re own room, I share one with seven roomates that snore like thunder. You put make-up on everyday, I put bug spray on everyday. You take a bubble bath, I take a bucket bath. I pray you do everything in the name of God because I’ve got the joy of the Lord in my heart so come lay a brick with Teen Missions.

#12 Elena Demos – Hey, here’s what you would normally see everyday at the base: orphans, monkeys, and mountains in the distance which make a beautiful scenery. I love it here. We have finished the garden & re-started the roof garden. The base also has four dogs – a German Shepherd puppy and grown adult dog and two other that are adorable. Miss you. Elena

#13 Ellie A. – Hi family and friends from Ellie A.! I love it here! I have been really working hard! I miss you so much though! I can not wait to see you so much though! I can’t wait to see you to share this awesome experience with you! We love to visit the orphans. They are so sweet. I survived Boot Camp! Yay! haha Love you guys!

#14 Gavin Dimaggio – Boot Camp was great, but hard. The field is fun and touching. It touched my life seeing those orphans. You’re always working so it’s hard for people who don’t work a lot and are used to the easy life like me. The food rations are sometimes small and other times large! Gavin. Hi Grams, I love you a lot and I miss you and cry a lot for you. It’s fun here and I pulled a muscle in my wrist carrying water buckets. We carried buckets on our heads  just like the Africans do. I had to sew up my fannypak because it ripped up. There are some very annoying and some very nice people on my team. I LOVE YOU A LOT! Love, Gavin

#15 Donna Jean  – My favorite part of the trip so far was playing with the orphans and visting London. We are almost done with the garden at the orphanage and have started to work on the roof top garden. There are ants everywhere and I miss my home but oh well, I am here for the Lord not for me.

#16 Dani B. – Hey, I survived Boot Camp! It was… interesting. Malawi is AMAZING!!! I miss you guys and right now would do almost anything for an Oreo Mcflurry!

#17 Paul  – Malawi is really awesome. Boot Camp was hard, but it was worth it. The time went really fast. I’m glad that everything is enjoying and fun.

#18 Matt  – Hey family, just want ya’ll to know I’m doing good and I miss you. I’m prayin for you and I love you. I already have a ton of stories. I can’t wait to tell you about. Love you and I’ll see you in a few weeks.

#LDR Arlissa  – Hey parents, I normally stay in the kitchen and help with a portion of the cooking. Today we (the lady leaders) decided to switch it up a bit and send a cook to the work project. This way we can spend a little more time with the team and be a part of the project and see the progress of our garden house. I was quite impressed with the amount of encouragement and work that I saw between all of the members and leaders. Bug bites and blisters from Boot Camp are healing up nicely. We have a time set aside for bathing and a time set aside for washing clothes… EVERYONE MUST do both. We have a few soar throats, but nothing bad enough to keep us from working or talking. Hahaha. I’m seeing a lot of spiritual growth in everybody  (no one is an exception to this). After our morning personal devotions, we have a “share time” so that we are able to talk about what we’ve read and ask questions an the passages we don’t understand. I can’t wait to see the results of our summer, God is doing great things in Malawi! Arlissa

#LDR Adam  – Hello friends and family and supporters. I love it here in Africa. I just need to get use to being here for a year. My team members are doing good. they are a huge blessing to me. I would be a lot harder here if it weren’t for them. They are spiritual growing strong. Pray That I’ll feel more of God in my life during this internship and that I would stay healthy. Anyway, love you guys. Take care and God bless.


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