Our Last Week

At the Lake in SwedenThe last week is in full swing. It is hard to believe that we have come to our final week here in Sweden. The team real wants to finish the sheep pen. It is the building that is made out of timbers. We have to cut new ones because some of the old ones are rotted out. Our missionary has a wood mizer that he is making the beams out of trees cut down. The team measures all the cuts that have to be made after the beams have been made. Then I have to take a chain saw and cut the notches  to join the logs and have to round the tops and cut a V shape in the bottom to help seal it when they are but together. They add a moss in between the layers of logs to keep a draft from going through the building. It will be neat if we can get this project done. We have had a lot of rain the last few days. That has not helped our progress, but we have started work in the missionaries’ kitchen. Taking out the old partical board walls and preparing the wall for dry wall. We have gotten the dry wall for putting up. The other thing we are working on is painting a trailer to haul wood on. We are also putting a wood floor back in it because the old one was rotted. The team has really enjoyed there time here in Sweden.

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