Work Is Progressing In Nepal

Nepal Work ProjectLast Saturday the team was excited to attend a Nepali church and hear God praised in a language other than English. We look forward to attending the church again this Saturday. As far as our work project is concerned, we have finished leveling out the pile of rubble, which Mendies Haven will eventually turn the area into a playground. We also harvested gravel from the rubble for our concrete. Our bricks, sand, and cement arrived the other day, which means we have been able to start on our main project, renovating the children’s bathrooms. Today we poured the foundation for the wall of the boys’ bathroom, and tomorrow we will begin laying bricks for the wall. As before, the team loves spending time with the children of Mendies Haven, establishing relationships with them through playing games, talking, and singing together.

A couple of updates from team members:Donovan: I’m having an amazing time in Nepal. It is absolutely beautiful. We are working on moving a rubble pile to fill a low spot on the property and are also starting our work on remodeling the bathrooms. The Nepali culture is quite different; we are all overjoyed to spend as much time with the kids here as we can. They are full of joy and light. They have so little yet they are so content. I have been (along with other team members) playing soccer matches almost daily. The kids are very competitive but really fun to play with. This weekend we are going to the Chitwan National Park for a safari and will stay overnight! We also have the possibility of going on a hike in the Himalayan foothills! I’d like to give a shout out to my family, the Brymers, Tillmans, Barnetts, Orpharuses, and Staveys!

Sarah Rose: I have really enjoyed serving at Mendies Haven. The kids are all friendly and you can see the love of Christ in their hearts. Many of them enjoy soccer, which they play with several of the team members. The kids also love our cameras. They ask to see the cameras and take many pictures; many of their pictures are pretty good!  We have a chance everyday to join them for their prayer time–a time when they worship and pray to God.


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