Working Amid The Beauty

Meal TimeHello from Switzerland! We hope this email finds you all doing well in the States. For the past three days, the Swiss team has had the pleasure of visiting with Bob and Betty Lane (vice-president of TMI). Bob and Betty came to visit the team here in Switzerland before traveling on through Europe to set up potential Teen Mission projects. Yesterday, Bob took Michelle and two team members into town to buy groceries. Michelle was on a pursuit to find the cheapest food prices. She succeeded with the great find of Migros and Aledis. After purchasing 30 kilos of sugar and flour (60 lbs each), Michelle was quite satisfied with her mini trip to town. She was also quite pleased that she found fresh fruit for the team. While in town, the two team members had the privilege of buying snacks and swiss chocolate for their fellow teammates, and leader Andy. The team is very grateful to Bob and Betty for buying  dinner and breakfast this morning. Team members enjoyed their freshly made BLTs and nectarines, with chocolate pudding for dessert. This morning we had scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh bread, and applesauce. Thank You, Betty and Bob! The days have been nearly perfect with 70-80° highs. The first few nights were a bit chilly, especially for our Californian and Floridian members, but during the day it warms up pretty quickly. This morning we had a brief rain shower during breakfast . Every morning, we can look out over the lake and see the snowcapped mountains in the distance. As we walk along the gravel road to work, the fog rises from the lake, encircling the  beautiful peaks. Our team enjoys borrowing Mike’s binoculars and looking across the water at the town on the other side. In the midst of the hundreds of red-roofed Swiss cottages, sets several castles that team hopes to visit in the near future. The team has made good progress on the mansion that they are working on this summer. By looking at all the scrapping that they have done, one would think the house is even more ancient than it already is. For every square foot of wall there are 96 mini wooden tiles that have to be scraped. The team does not know how large the house is….all they know is that they have and still do have  A LOT of tiles to scrape. The team should be done with the scraping and washing the house within the week. The goal is to start primer by the beginning of next week. If the YWAM base were to paint the house themselves, the job would have cost 200,000 American dollars. The team is thinking of also going into the exterminating business due to the large quantity of spiders that they have killed coming forth from the walls of the house. Thank you for all your prayers and support from back home! Keep praying for safety on the work site and that God will  bless our ministry here to the people of Switzerland.


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