Working As A Team

`Yay! God is awesome! He totally answers prayers—Matthew 21:22 and Matthew 7:7-8. Ask, seek and knock! The team is doing amazing and the same with the project. It has been a week on the field and the team has finally got the hang of working as a team. They are all growing so much in the Lord and that is encouraging to us as a leadership. The leaders have had a burden and heart for this group and have maintained a firm and genuine discipline for them. You won’t even recognize what God is doing in their lives and how much they have changed. I am blown away at what God is doing with their hearts, minds and their actions. Please keep praying. The project is coming along. Different groups are working on washing and drying the canvas to go on the tops of the wagons. Other groups bend steel poles that are shaped to hold up the canvas. Some are screwing in the door and window frames. At some point, they will also be screened in. Our day starts out with an hour of work and then breakfast at the Smiley Wagon Cafe (aka Smiley Face and Covered Wagon teams) where Lindsay and Rachel Mac cook up a storm for these hungry kids. Following breakfast, they head to the lake to have a peaceful meeting with the Lord while the wind blows through the trees and the birds chirp. Sometimes butterflies fly by. The work begins and the day is filled with laughter and the noises of those hard at work. This past Saturday, we got to take a break and head out to Cocoa Beach. We had our morning devotions there and then we swam in the Atlantic Ocean. We had a picnic lunch before driving to Walmart for a short shopping spree. After returning, we had a pool party. Everyone enjoyed swimming in the pool and then we had a chicken barbeque dinner. Jon had bought candy for the team and passed them out during our party. The team has come a long way in their memorization, cleanliness and godliness. In fact, our boys are cleaner than our girls. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We are praying for you all as well and we love hearing from you.


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