Having So Much Fun!

Germany Team Work SiteGreetings from the Germany Preteens. We are enjoying warm, sunny weather today, for which we are very thankful. The team has been helping Siloah to get ready for their big Tent Camp- over 1,000 people are coming today and tomorrow and over the weekend. They will be here for a week. We cleaned out a barn that will be used for the children’s programs. The volleyball court has been weeded so new sand could be put down. Holes were dug for poles for the nets, for which we also poured concrete to hold them in place. More work was done on the bee wagon so that it can be turned into a movable chicken house. They are also working on another portable building (sort of like a metal container) by putting wooden siding on it. We’ve done fun things also. Last Sunday we played medieval games that Siloah staff set up for us. There was a boot throw- seeing how far you could throw a boot by slinging it off your foot (we won’t talk about the one that landed on the roof!). There was also a milking contest to see who could get the most water in a bucket in a set amount of time. Horseshoe toss was the one we were most familar with. The favorite was the one where two people straddled a pole and tried to knock each other off with pillows. Don’t worry- there were mattresses on the ground to land on. Last night (Wednesday), we had a scavenger hunt that took us all over Siloah. We saw the zebus (a type of cow), went down a big slide, among other things and ended up at the cross (30 meters) that is in the middle of the large field that will soon be filled with tents and campers for the Tent Camp. We enjoyed the view from the tower built by the Royal Rangers. They used Siloah for their big meeting several years ago. Tonight, although the kids don’t know it, we’ll be riding horses. More on that next email. And now a word from some of our kids:

When we came to Germany, it was two days after and the first day of work. On that day, our job was to destroy the boxes of beehives on the trailer. We also took down the walls of the trailer with crowbars. I enjoyed smashing and destroying it!  Alice

When we came to Germany it was really cold but now it is nice and warm. We got to weed a outdoor volleyball court which was fun because I hung out with my friends while doing it!  Sarah D.


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