Over 270 Blocks Laid!

Making RotiOver 270 blocks already laid! The team continues mixing an endless supply of mortar and some of the walls are chest high. The team continues to work on three sides of the building. The dimentions are roughly 56’x58′. One window frame along the back wall is in place. It has been a challenge for the team to have to adjust their walls to line it up because the foundation and steel frame do not always line up. Most of the team has now almost mastered cutting blocks with rebar into various sized pieces to fit into their wall. The days are still very hot and heavy rains each afternoon continue to threaten to destroy the walls that we just built. But as Harry says, we are probably the only ones praying that it doesn’t rain as all the rice farmers in the entire country are probably praying for even more rain. Wednesday the pastor and his wife and kids and the spanish speaking guitarist from church came out to Camp Zion to spend the day with us. The men helped on the worksite putting in a steel gate at the entrance out front and the women cooked us a traditional meal for lunch. We ate roti (fry bread) served with curry chicken, potatoes and beans. We definately enjoyed our time together and had an awesome evening of worship with guitars, songs and testimonies. They even lent us a guitar for the rest of our time here, which if you have heard the team without the guitar, you will know how much we appreciate that.

Now for a testimony from Holden: Since being on this team I have learned that submission is applicable in all situations. I have felt like my life is a little more God centered. I hope this continues outside of TMI as well. I have also learned that I am not the greatest builder.

A testimony from Jesse: When we first arrived in Suriname I had no idea what to expect. So when an older East Indian gentleman named Harry greated us outside the airport at 2am I didn’t know what ot think. When we got to camp Zion I was so sleepy all I remember was unloading the bags and hearing a leader say it was time for bed. When I got up the next morning I looked at the work project and it still wasn’t clear what we would be doing. Joe told me that we would be building a building around the existing building then demolishing that building. I was kinda disappointed. When I read the description of our team I saw demolition and was like, awesome, I can destroy stuff with hammers and manly stuff like that. So in the first day God showed me (as He has many times but I still don’t seem to understand) that life is not always as it seems but God is always the same.

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