They Love The Smiles!

Lake Malawi FishThe weather has been warm and pristine during the day while the team has been fishing on Lake Malawi. During the night, it is a little cooler in the 50’s. The team is continuing Vacation Bible School(VBS) with the orphans and children from the village. The team loves the smiles of the kids faces. The team knows God’s work is being done and it is a blessing to be a part of this team. They have started taking the children out on the boat to fish during one of the VBS classes. The children squeal as the boat goes faster around Lake Malawi. The Bible, phonics, music and puppets classes are going well also. The children are excelling in each area and are looking forward to everyday being able to spend time with our team. We are hoping for a great turn out at the VBS finale on 7/21. The team is also getting ready for their presentation on Sunday at the C.C.A.P. Church.  We will be going to their English service that morning which a lot of high school students come attend. We are hoping for many open doors for our team to minister and fellowship with the all of the high school students. Please keep in prayer for our team health and safety and that each one of the team members will grow further in their relationship with God.


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