We Are Doing Well

Going to ChurchThe team is doing well, but still adjusting to the time difference which includes only about 3-4 hours of darkness. The leaders for the Overseas Boot Camp arrived on Wednesday, the same day we arrived in Siberia. We have nine leaders currently going through Leader Training Seminar. The North American team is working hard to help get the Boot Camp ready for the Russian team members’ arrival on Monday. They have set up the Obstacle Course, put up tent platforms, and organized other materials. Our small team of three has been enjoying eating Russian food (mostly soup, bread, salads, and hot tea) and learning more of the Russian language. The weather here is a nice change from Florida Boot Camp. Our temps have been in the mid to high 70’s during the day with mid 60’s at night. We have been blessed with sunshine and occasional rain showers in the afternoon. We’d appreciate your prayers as we are praying for a large number of Russian teens to come to the Boot Camp… From the team members:

God has really done some great things for our team here! I’ve learned so much about faith and the power of prayer. God is truly a rewarder of them that diligently seek him, and putting him first in everyday life is my main focus. The Lord has blessed our travels by putting people in our life who have challenged us, but we are all growing. I feel like the Lord has really put a lot on my heart, and I am praying that will be able to use it to bless the  people in the Boot Camp. God has really spoken to me while learning scripture, during devotions, and in prayer. Continue to pray for us, and that God’s hand will be the steering wheel of our journey. Kerry -Siberia 09024

In team devos the other night, one of the students here shared about how he got here and then asked Todd and I to share a bit about BMW in Florida. It was really  interesting seeing how the overseas BMW students aren’t very different from us at all. We shared about valuable things we’ve learned since starting school, as well as our favorite classes. in my personal devotions, I have been reading through Exodus and it hit me really hard when I was reading chapter 4 verse 11. Moses is telling God how he doesn’t speak well and God replies “Who made the human mouth? Who makes him mute or deaf, seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” I really like it because the Lord has to remind me every now and then that He really does know what he’s doing and that He knows all things. Matt. 16:18 Jesse – Siberia 09024

This past week I have been reading Ezekiel. I was initially reading it because of the prophesies. However, as I continued, I not only learned about the prophesies of the Temple being rebuilt, but also of God’s unquestionable justice. God cares about His people in Israel, they stray from His way continuously. I was constantly reminded of the Lord’s justice. It was difficult to see sometimes though. I would feel bad for the people, asking myself how God could punish them the way He did.  Then I would read the things that the Israelites did. They were no petty offenses. Now, at the end of Ezekiel I have realized again that I cannot always understand God’s justice. But, whether I understand or not, I know that He is just. Erin – Siberia 09024


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