Working With The BMWs

The team has been working with the BMW‘s putting up drywall, plastering the drywall and painting ceilings. They have also been concreting some pads for the rainwater tank water pumps to be located on, back filling trenches, and removing rocks and stones from around the buildings. Some have been splitting logs in order to replenish the fire wood that the base uses to heat water for showers when camps use the property. A few nights back we had a camp fire, toasted marshmallows and sang some worship songs together with the BMWs. The team tried the Aussie delicasy of “Slam dunking Tim Tams”. Tim Tams are a biscuit that is chocolate coated – you nibble off one corner and then the diagonally opposite corner and then proceed to suck hot chocolate through the biscuit, then before the biscuit dissolves into a chocolate mess in your fingers, you pop it into your mouth and enjoy the exqusite taste. On Tuesday night we combined with the BMW‘s to do some team building games – one being putting up tents blind-folded – we were able to have a lot of fun and also drew out some important team building and Biblical principles. We have been enjoying the team members taking turns to share evening devotions with the team and the spiritual insights that each brings to challenge and encourage the team. Next week schools are back from holiday and so we will be able to do some ministry in state schools. This Friday we are planning on going to a youth group and fellowshipping with the Australian teens. The weather has been nice with blue skies, cool in the evenings – lows of about 7 C and highs of about 20 C. If parents are interested in seeing our real time weather radar, they can visit  we are between Tewantin and Cooran – just north of Tewantin.


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