From The Swamps Of Florida

Team BanquetHowdy ya’ll from the flowery swamps of Florida. Wow! I can’t believe the summer is halfway over. Where has the time gone? Oh I know… workin for the Lord like crazy. We’ve come a long way with the wagons, there’s one about 95% complete with just a few more minor details to iron out. Then it will be ready to be moved out by the Alligator lake.  JaJa and Dan are working on solutions for each wagon to better hold up in the unpredictable Florida weather. A couple more weeks to go and we should have all eight finalized and ready to move out and use for cowboy camps and youth retreats. YeeHaw! We have the team working on all different projects, Adam and Yami have been nailing benches on the inside of the unfinished wagons. Jon has been drilling holes in the frames. Sarah has perfected her work and done an amazing job screening in the doors and windows. We have received more supplies and can continue to progress. Kitchen report…Each day we have a different team member working with Lindsay, Rachel, Natali and/or Lasta & Amanda to help out. One day that sticks out, was the day Rachel (C-W) and Austin from the Smiley team made the most amazing cookie EVER! Well just about… We made a chocolate chip cookie cake and they couldn’t agree on a color for the icing so they made half hot pink and the other half neon green. We have all had a lot of fun in the kitchen coming up with amazing new creations…like last nights dessert…Oh my gosh! Strawberry Marshmallow Brownie Delight! Deeelicious! So another exciting and more important subject to report is that of our teams spiritual growth. In the morning after our quiet times the team has an opportunity to let us know what God is personally talking to them about. Vicki has been really impacted with Proverbs 17, she says it is her new favorite chapter in the Bible because it keeps popping up in so many ways. It has been an encouragement and comfort to her. Overall, they are all growing, changing and going deeper with their relationship with the Lord. It’s noticeable their desire for change of attitude, activities and walk with the Lord in their lives. For us as leaders it has been a blessing to see that little by little the Lord is moving in their hearts and minds. When they return home their friends and family will not even recognize them from the extreme makeover that God has been doing for them as they seek His face daily. Again thank you for your prayers. We love and miss you all and are praying for you each day!


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