Rest Stops

Bula Vinaka! God has been merciful to us these past couple of days. We have had a small break from the rain and have seen the Fijian sun. The is a great thing because we are prepared to paint the building we have been working on and need a little dry weather to begin. Our project this summer is the renovation of a house. We have been replacing the nails that have been holding the roof down with weather proof screws, we have completed washing off all of the mold from the walls so that we can put new paint on, and we have been clearing out the fence line to put up a new fence. The team is working hard and have made great progress. They have had to tackel a jungle in order to get to the fence and they have joyously taken up the challenge. I would have to say that in order to get to the fence they had to cut 15 to 20 feet back. It is amazing to see how much they have accomplished. We have made sure that pictures have been taken. We have also begun house visits with the local church and the kids have come back excited. We are doing those every Wednesday and Thursday. Next week is our trip to Benga Island. We will be conecting with some schools and doing puppets and handing out coloring books and the wordless bracelets. Tonight and tomorrow we are planning guys and girls fun activity. Tonight the boys are going out fishing on Douglas’s boat. We are planing to do GG’s on the open seas. Sounds like a good man time. Tomorrow the girls will be going out during the day and having their girl time with views to die for. I dont know why i was not informed about this earlier, but on our way down to the mission property two of our boys led a young man to Christ. We had stopped off at a rest stop near a beach so we decided to spend about 30 minutes and let the team stretch out thier legs. We had fun opening up coconuts and having hermet crab races. James and Bryce met a young man about their age and began to talk to him about what they were doing here and they asked him about his life and if he knew who Jesus was. They explained who Jesus Christ was and the young man accepted Christ into his life. The boys said that he was really excited. This just goes to show that you have to be ready in season and out of season. A 30 minute rest stop turned into a life changing decision for one Fijian boy. Praise the Lord for rest stops.


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