The Wall Is Finished!

Well, this has been a pleasantly surprising week over here. Surprising because, until this week, keeping all the team focused and working well has been challenging. Pleasantly so because, with “the end in sight”, most of the team has stayed focused and worked well together, and the result is that the wall is finished! :o)  The project was completed yesterday, but today there was a bit of smoothing of the cap that needed done to eliminate little nooks and crannies where weed seeds could root and grow (not good for a wall, y’know). That was all done today as well as quite a bit of clean-up around the property – clean-up from the project as well as some general clean-up they needed help with. The team is pretty stoked at having finished their project. We had our team field banquet tonight – Bobbi prepared her favorite dish – meat manicotti (but had to use canelloni shells as manicotti was unavailable). The kids loved it. Tomorrow is Dalkey Island, and, weather permitting, we’ll also go to a local beach for a while after lunch. Monday is clean-up and pack-up, and Tuesday we’ll be on our way back to Florida. Hugs and blessings to you all, see you soon!


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