We Are Small But Mighty

Putting up the WallThe small, but mighty Siberia Team is doing well. We had 20 Russian teens arrive on Monday for the beginning of their Boot Camp. The US Team is having a blast trying to communicate with them…learning a little more Russian each day. Rallies at night are fun as each team (2 Russians & the UST) do cheers, sing special music and present dramas. Jesse is Mr. OC, so is announcing the winner of the Obstacle Course each night, while Erin is Miss Piggy and keeps everyone in anticipation as she declares who is the cleanest and the messiest tent partners for that day. Kerry is having fun teaching music. In between teaching classes for the Siberian Boot Camp, the team members are working on helping make the BMW building more ready for the next winter.  They are winterizing the house by putting up a layer of styrofoam (which they use as insulation) between furring strips. Then the put OSB (chip board) board over that.  We are praying that this will help keep the warm air in when it is winter here as it can get to 35 below 0. They are also working on insulating the Banya (Russian bath house), along with other projects. The weather, although kind of cool when we arrived, was very warm today. It was sunny and about 85 during the day with a slight breeze.  But Praise the Lord, we had no rain today.


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