Working Hard In Uganda

Jambo! Greetings from Bunalwenyi, Uganda. After a delay of one and half days, we got the lost luggage from Kenya Airways and were able to proceed to the village. we arrived at the Teen Missions International Bunalwenyi Hillside Secondary School around 9:30 pm—a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Teen Missions Base in Nakabango. The boarding students were just finishing their studies and we enjoyed hearing them sing songs and pray before going to bed. It took us about an hour to off load all the duffels and barrels and boxes we had packed on the truck, and put up our tents. The evening was comfortably cool but not cold. We attempted to sleep until 8 am but were awakened early by the sounds of the students preparing for school, etc. Enthusiasm is high among the team members to get to work and build the classroom. But we have some preparatory work to do first, like fetching water for the kitchen and personal drinking as well as for the work site. Half the team worked all morning going back and forth to the spring (1/4 mile one way) to fill our many barrels. The other half of the team went in the truck to various locations around the villages to collect bricks that will be used for the building. They brought other building materialsas well. After lunch library reading was a nice relaxing time for all. The school administrators are so grateful for the team! They are already thanking us profusely and we have just began! We hope to spend time with the students in the early evening when their classes are over and we have finished working for the day.


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