Greetings From Uganda!

Greetings from the Uganda Team! We have been here for a week now and are getting settled well. We have spent our first work days preparing the foundation of the classroom block and pouring a slab for the girl’s latrine. Several trips have been taken to pick up bricks from local farmers so team members have had a chance to move around the village and see the area. A group of children gather each evening to play with us and friendships are beginning to form. The students at Hillside School have been in classes so our time with them has been limited, but today (Friday) and tomorrow we are spending time with them doing sports and evangelism. The team has been divided into teams to gather students who want to play basketball, volleyball, soccer and Frisbee. Excitement is high with everyone and it is great to see everyone linking together in games and laughing and cheering. After a couple hours the team put on a presentation with songs, puppets, dramas and a challenge for any to indicate whether they want to give their lives to Christ.


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