A Fishy Friday And Serene Saturday

We have had a wonderful past few days. It has been a little rainy today (Sunday) but Friday and Saturday were beautiful. On Friday night, the boys went out to the open seas. The stars were amazing unlike anything any of us have seen, so bright that we needed no light to guide us to the reef. Eight fish are no longer part of this world. They have passed on to our stomachs. They were delicious and the whole team enjoyed the feast. One giant eel was let lose. Towards the end of the night, we had a little anchor trouble and had to tie it off and come back for it the next day. The boys had a great time and it was a joy to read Gods Word under such beauty. I shared the story of Elisha and the prophets of Baal. Girls night out happened the night after. Even with the lack of planning (no flashlights), we had a lot of fun. It was a cloudy night with calm seas, perfect for shrimp fishing, so I’m told. We started out by heading to the beach where the boat was docked with the Rose family and Uncle Monty, a PNG guy who came to visit the Roses. We found sticks in the dark, built a fire and roasted sausages, chatted with the Rose girls, swam in the water, slept on the mat and looked for shrimp a little. All in all it was a good time to fellowship and rest from a week of hard work and learning. We ended by taking a ride back by boat with the rain in our face. On Saturday, from 2 to about 4:30, the whole team went to a local church where a group of about 30 kids were having an Awana meeting. We did puppets, sang some songs, and did two dramas. By then the group of 30 kids grew to a group of 60 or 70. We went outside and played cat and mouse, red light/green light, and learned some new games that the Fijian children taught us. The kids were sad to see us leave and we were equally, if not more so sad, to leave as well. I wish we could have been there all day, but that was the time the Lord wanted us to be there. Our project is going well. We are continuing to work on the fence line and painting the house. We have visitors every day and the kids have fun and show great patience showing the Fijian children how to paint and ratchets and crow bars. It is real fun to see them working side-by-side and you can see it in the eyes of both the team and the locals that this is a time they will never forget. I hope to soon begin having the team member putting up updates of what the Lord is teaching.


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