A Sightseeing Adventure

Switzerland SnowGuten Tag! This past Thursday morning, the Switzerland team enjoyed their first sightseeing expedition. We travelled by foot five miles into the medieval city of Thun (pronounced TOON). Although our feet were weary upon arrival, our savvy shopping ambitions were kicked into high gear at the sight of the many Swiss souvenirs shops…especially the ones selling chocolate. If you are fortunate, your son or daughter will be bringing you back a very yummy candy bar, unless it has been consumed by them already…which the chances are high that it has been.:) Or some of you parents may be receiving a new Thanksgiving carving tool in the form of an authentic Swiss army knife. Most team mates bought pocket knives, although there were a few boys who thought bigger is always better when it comes to purchasing sharp instruments. Stepping back in time, we toured and explored one of the city’s castles, built some hundreds of years ago.  We “locked” ourselves in one of the tower dungeon cells…and by locked I mean that we closed the door to the room.  While in the room, some teammates happened upon writings on the prison cell walls from its former occupants dating back to the 17th century. From counting the tally marks they carved on the wall, it appears that some of the room’s residents enjoyed their stay a little bit longer than we did. The view from the castle tower was spectacular; one could see a panoramic view of the entire town of Thun. The Swiss countryside continues to take our breath away. With the round trip there and back, and all walking we did in town included, we figure that we all walked about fifteen miles that day.  Our Boot Camp training had prepared us for that amount of physical exertion though. Our bodies were tired when we returned, but our spirits were high; we all had an outstanding day. Lately, however, the weather has not been that outstanding. It has rained for the past two days. The staff here have been very gracious to us and have given us temporary indoor living accommodations until our flooded tents have dried out. The drier housing was a welcome change for the team. Please pray for warm, DRY weather. Until, the rain breaks we will keep their bellies warm with hot tea and chocolate. The work on the schlossi continues with great progress. We are waiting for drier weather to start painting the house; another reason to keep praying for NO rain. Tomorrow, we venture out again by foot to journey to a local church. We should have more to report soon….


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