Lots Of Work!

Well, the team has been powering on this week putting up more drywall, plastering and painting. They are getting a lot better and quicker at it and are really getting a lot done. The team worked a 45 hour week this week and certainly got a lot done – yep you parents probably never realized that your teens could do 45 hours of construction in a week – 45 hours of sleep maybe!!!… but seriously, they are doing great. There are two, two-story buildings that they are working on each is 26’X52′ – lots of rooms and lots to work on. The plumber and electrician are coming in this week to do their work and that will allow us to do more jobs once they are finished. Hopefully, we’ll get some sidewalks poured this week after the plumber has been. We have had a couple of very cold nights but the last two have been slightly more mild which has been good. We are due to go into some public schools on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this coming week, so the team will put into good use their dramas, puppets and testimonies. It will be good to be able to share our faith with the kids of Australia and pray that the team will have a lasting impact on those who hear their message. The team spent some time today polishing their puppet and drama and song performances. Unfortunately, the Friday Youth event was canceled and we were unable to go out on Friday night. Today we went to Noosa COC (Noosa Christian Outreach Centre) for church this morning, heard a sermon on overcoming anxiety and were able to interact with some of the church members. We then stopped off at Noosa National Park on the way home to have a picnic lunch and do the team memory verse reviews. The team saw a Koala in the wild there which was a highlight as well at the ocean – the part where we were was rocky, but down the road the beaches have golden sand and the team will have a chance to go there another time – maybe for a swim. We are also planning to go to Australia Zoo this coming Friday. We haven’t had any rain yet – just blue skies and cool in the evenings – lows of about 9-10 C and highs of about 20 C.


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