Adventures In Germany

Germany SightseeingGuten Tag from Germany! We continue to keep busy working on our projects. The wood siding on the future portable kitchens is coming along nicely. We have two of them to cover. The kids will be starting on the second one soon, since we cannot get to all sides of them- they are right up next to each other. Eventually a concrete pad will be poured for them and they will be placed up where the Tent Town is located. One will be used as a kitchen and the other for dishwashing. They will be a big help to Siloah by having cooking facilities closer to where the people are. Work also continues on the former bee wagon. The kids are scraping paint off the framework right now. We are waiting to see what the next step will be. We’ll let you know when we get to it. The weather here is still rainy and cold (60’s and down into the 50’s sometimes). Fortunately, we still have access to a building where the kids can sleep since tent life has been a bit damp, to downright wet at times. The kids were quite happy to sleep in the house! It also made a nice place to hold some of our classes, do our library time and have evening devotions. When and if the weather improves, we will probably all go back to tent life. Saturday we went on our sightseeing trip to Wartburg Castle and learned some about medival times on our guided tour. On the way there, we hiked through a canyon called Hohe Sonne. It was a nice walk down into the canyon and through some narrow passages between tall rocks with a stream flowing beneath the wooden or metal-grate pathway. It was narrow enough that there was no room to pass anyone in most places. We saw lots of ferns, moss and flowers. Animals were a bit scarce since I’m sure they heard us coming! The climb out of the canyon and then up further took us to Wartburg Castle. After the castle, we headed back into town and caught the train back to Siloah. We all slept well that night! Sunday we got to be a part of the medival procession to the church service. Several of the Siloan staff were in medival dress. The young people wore very simple costumes (essentially a sheet with a hole for your head)- I think they were the serfs or poor people. We processed to the big tent where the Sunday worship service was being held (800-1000 people were there to worship). We stayed through the singing. We recognized several of the songs from their tunes, not the words, since we don’t speak much German. After the singing, the young people went to the barn that holds a small theater and did some more singing. A small play about the life of Paul Gerhardt, who lived in medival times, was done. Then the boys went to another location while the girls stayed there for another story and some singing. Teen Missions girls got to do two songs for the girls. They seemed to enjoy the songs, or at least the motions to the songs. Each morning this week, our team is joining the kids at tent camp for the next installments on the life of Paul Gerhardt and some basic truths about the Christian life. Today we learned about God’s love for us. And now a word from a few of our kids: My name is Amy. Over the last eight days I’ve been here, I’ve actually experienced a lot. I have grown in my relationship in God. He has helped me through some difficult times. I prayed to God to tell me how to handle the difficult situations and He did. My name is Kevin. On July 18 we went to Wartburg Castle. We had to climb a mountain to get there. We went on a tour through the main part of the castle. We saw a knight’s armor and a medival sleep room. They did not remodel it or level the floor. It was very interesting. Auf Wiedersehn!


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