Greetings From Siberia

Puppet ClassGreetings from beautiful Siberia. The weather here has just been perfect the past few days. The sun has been out, but yet a cool breeze has been blowing. So it is not too hot, nor too cold. The US Team rode the bus into Shadrinsk (a larger town close to our little village) yesterday (Sunday) to do a presentation at a local church. Even though there are only three members, they did an excellent job at presenting God’s Word. The staff leader’s child, Timothy, helped with the puppets. After the service, the team enjoyed eating pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream and drinking cold sodas at a little fast food place in town. It is definitely not like American pizza, but it was a nice change for a taste buds. We were also able to walk to a little grocery store to buy a few goodies. The Boot Camp is going well, but is not without its struggles. Please pray that the enemy would not steal our joy or the joy of the Russian teens. The Russians have really gotten into running the Obstacle Course in the mornings and even wanted to do it on Sunday morning, when we were trying to give them a break. The Russian teens are also responding well to the messages being given in rally every evening. So, we praise the Lord for how He is working in their lives.  We can see a drastic difference in many of the kids’ countenance as Boot Camp progresses. The US Team is still teaching many of the classes: puppets, music, steel-tying, concrete mixing, carpentry, etc. for the Russian Boot Camp. The US Team is continuing to work on the various work projects going on:  winterizing the main house/school building, winterizing the Banya (the Russian bath house), and beginning to clean up the front yard so a driveway can be put in. Miss Gay, our head lady leader, celebrated her birthday on July 17 and we were able to enjoy birthday cake. Jesse continued to make remarks about how old Miss Gay is, so she sent him to the end of the food line….guess that’s not really very much punishment though when you only have three team members.  (Our team received Small Team Jokes from the entire Boot Camp in Florida, so I just thought we put our own in now.). Thank you for all of your prayers as we labor together with the Russians.  You are much appreciated.


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