Having Fun In Suriname!

The leaders have been praying for more evangelistic opportunities and this weekend we got plenty! Friday night we went to South Baptist Church to play volleyball with the youth. Harry had been telling us that they get together to play each week and it’s not all that competitive, but mostly for fun and a good thing for youth to be able to bring their unsaved friends. We found out that they were much more serious about volleyball than we anticipated. They warmed up for 30 minutes, set up teams, the score is recorded on paper and the referee blows his whistle before each serve. It was probably a good thing our team was divided up amongst the four teams. Our kids had a good time and we were all able to get to know the people at South Baptist Church more. Friday night we stopped by the Lytle’s home. They are the couple who hosted the TMI team back in 1979. The team built an airstrip and the Lytles are still living out in the jungle at the end of the runway. They shared such appreciation for Teen Missions and were able to tell us all kinds of stories how the team bathed in the river and setup all their tents in the mud. (Yes our team is spoiled!) They promised to come see us at Camp Zion to see all the work that is being done. Saturday we were invited to go out for ministry with the younger Sunday School group from that same church. They were going to a home for abused children. The church has been planning and praying for this outreach for over a year. The Sunday School children (ages 5-12) had a presentation with songs, special music, testimonies and gifts. About 35 children (ages 4-16) who live at the home were attended the event. At the end of their presentation our team did three puppet songs and gave out over twenty dolls that we were given at Boot Camp. We spent some time interacting with the kids, sharing snacks and playing frisbee with them. On our way home we were able to stop at Burger King for lunch. Then it was back to work. The team put in four hours of work on the building. In the evening we spent some time putting together a presentation for church in the morning. It has really been a struggle to find even one song that everyone knows enough to even be able to practice. So we finally settled on ‘Mighty to Save’. Perfect practice makes perfect and we were so glad we were prepared. The churches here are really big on music and instruments and they sound so good. The only thing we couldn’t practice was using the microphones. We went to South Baptist, a service that is done completly in Dutch. The only thing in English was a special song by their youth group and our songs. Katie and Holden sang a duet of ‘Create in Me a Clean Heart’ after the other song. After the service, Harry and Gloria had us over to their house in Paramaribo for lunch. They had prepared a feast for us of chicken, mashed potatoes, long beans, rice, and cake for dessert. It’s about a 45 minute ride to and from Paramaribo from where we stay so we spend a lot of time traveling in the car. Sunday we had it all quiet for studying memory verses and preparing for the weekly verse review. This week they had to say all 27 verses in Biblical order with no reference helps. Lila was finished before the church service started. Andy did all 27 verses without stopping and only two mistakes in the car on the way home. Monday was the first day that we recieved any mail. We got seven letters. The team has been waiting and waiting and asking Steve every time they see him if he checked the mailbox. We made reservations today for our sightseeing adventure to Galibi Turtle Reserve. We will be going August 1-3. They say it is a busy time for turtles right now and we are lucky they had room for us. Now a testimony from Sam: So far being in Suriname had been great! The weather is very nice. The locals here are very kind. A few days ago Pastor Peter came to our camp. He and his family worked the whole day with us, they even cooked us lunch! They have been such a blessing to our team! We are so thankful for them. God is doing great things in our team and through our team. We are growing closer together each day. I can’t wait to see what God will do with this team! That’s all for now, thanks for all your prayers.


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