Hello From Cameroon!

Cameroon ChildThe national Boot Camp is in full swing and the team is enjoying being the instructors. Our day is as follows: Rise and Shine at 5:30 AM.  We meet for prayer before we go to judge the Obstacle Course at 6:00. We rotate positions and each person will have the opportunity to judge each of the parts of the course. A favorite is to judge the slough and watch the kids fall in the water. 7:15–7:45 is personal devos for the entire camp. 8:00 is breakfast for us while the nationals have Bible hour. The team then teaches classes until noon. Different ones are rotating in the prayer closet keeping us all held up in prayer. After lunch five of the team do brainstorming with the nationals and then we begin our classes. We do library reading(we are reading missionary biographies and the team loves to read). We have our Bible study, GG classes(classes on attitudes and spiritual growth taught with gals and guys seperated). Then we have bath and laundry time and practice for the evening rallies and meetings with groups to discuss the next days lesson plans. We really do have a full day. We have group devos right before rally. After the rally we meet for prayer and the handing out of the secret prayer partner notes. We get to bed at about 9:30. The team loves the rallies. The nationals laugh at us as they try to teach us their national dances. Needless to say we are a bit challenged in this area but we laugh and have tons of fun. Yesterday was verse review day and each member said all 27 verses. For some it was quite the challenge. We eat national meals with the camp for lunch and supper and the leaders prepare a big American breakfast today we had pancakes, bacon, fruit and hot chocolate. The most challenging meal so far was water fu fu and Erro. Water fu fu is cassava that is ground into a paste and cooked and the Erro is a veggie that resembles spinanch only bitter. Needless to say, everyone tried it and two or three ate half. Mrs. M had PB and J sandwiches standing by—Praise the Lord. We are finding Ben is the most willing to try anything and has the best attitude about the new foods. The team for the most part loves supper which is always rice with a sauce. One of the girls found a huge moth yesterday. It was easily the width of a hand spread out. The roosters are annoying each morning they begin crowing at about 3 AM—Brittiany says she would love to see them disappear. Claire shared last night in group devos that the Lord is teaching her that discipline is for her good and that she wants to receive it better. The water and electricity have been off and on the entire time. We have had one rally by candlelight. It rains every afternoon so we put our buckets out to catch the water for doing laundry. The girls are definately loving washing the hair with rain water–it is so soft. We had several villagers come to our rally on Sunday night and 16 people accepted Christ as their Savior. The team was so encouraged to see this response. The team is doing well health-wise. We still have a few sniffles and voices and throats are sore at the end of the day due to teaching all day.  aturday the sun was bright and a few got sun and had pink cheeks. We are excited about the team’s positive attitude and the great job they are all doing in teaching. Thank you families for your prayers!  We know the Lord is answering them!!!!


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