News From Nicaragua

Nicaragua Church PresentationHola from Nicaragua!!! We have had a great few days here. Saturday, we were able to visit the WEGO orphanage and do a presentation. Josh Gow and Laura Robinson shared their testimonies. We also played soccer, baseball and basketball with the orphans. It was an awesome day and the whole team enjoyed our time there. The property is beautiful with lots of grass and space. We finished our day with a meal in a local restaurant. The food was good and everyone enjoyed sitting at a table and eating together. Sunday, we did a presentation for the children’s Sunday School Service and passed out wordless bracelets. Sunday evening, we walked about 30 minutes to a local church and took some time to walk the neighborhood inviting people to the service. We shared our presentation and afterwards, the pastor invited the team to his home for a treat. When we returned we had a great time eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. The construction is coming along well and we are almost ready to pour the concrete  for the second story and lay the floor boards. Wednesday is our planned sight seeing day where we will visit a volcano and take a boat ride on Lake Nigaragua to see the islands. It is hard to believe that our time here is half’way over. Please remember our team as we battle colds and stomach problems. Pray that the team will remain healthy for the duration of our time here.


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