Our Last Day In Sweden

Sweden TeamWell today is our last day here in Sweden. Looking back on this time we rejoice in all that was done. Last night we got to do evangelism in a town about an hour away. We did sone shopping during the day. We also manned a book table and was making sandwiches for that night. The team also handed out fliers for a coffee house that a church was running, to invite people in an just talk with them.This place is where a lot of youth get drunk for 4 days because of this market that is held there every year. It was an awesome time that we had and a get way to finish out the summer. The team got so many things done this summer.  The trailer we finished is seeing a lot of use in hauling wood and timbers. Although we did not get to finish the timber house we were able to get a lot done on it and we thank the Lord for all he has done. We are getting a farewell dinner tonight which should be wonderful.

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