Pigs Ears?!?!

TeamworkWhat an eventful past few days! On Friday, we had lunch made by the orphange staff. We had lots of rice and eggs, but we couldn’t figure what was in the vegetables. We asked one of the staff here and found out it was pig ears! A lot of rice and eggs were eaten for lunch! We enjoyed our time together. Then we walked five minutes to the local public school and did a two-hour presentation for them. We had a great time together. We handed out tracts at the end and most of them wanted the team to sign it! Saturday we worked in the morning then spent a couple of hours playing with the orphans in the afternoon. They love the balloons and just spending time with the team. Sunday we shared at a local church and enjoyed another Thai meal. They were really thankful for the team coming. They encouraged the team to come back to encourage their young people to get involved in the Lord’s work too. Today (Mon.) was an exciting day! The wall on the back side of the orphanage is now completed and we are moving to another wall. We had to break down the old wall and start it from scratch. So we dug the footer, tied steel, put in the forms and had concrete ordered for today. It was to come at 9 AM and then we found out it would be 3 PM. So we did other things to clean up around the orphanage and take down old sticks and trees. Around 4 PM the concrete had not come, but we had the biggest storm we have had since we have been here. It was still raining when the concrete came at 5 PM! The truck couldn’t go right up to the footer, so it drove into the field next to the orphanage, and the team had to carry it in by buckets to the footer. So the team went into action and running on adrenaline, emptied the truck quickly! By this time the truck was stuck in the mud, so the team tried to help get the truck out and it wouldn’t go, so they prayed. The drivers kind of looked around at each other, not sure what to think, but on the next push, the truck was out of the mud! They were so thankful for the team’s help. Just as we were finishing the truck came with 600 bricks in it for the new wall. Of course, that truck couldn’t get close enough either, so the team began unloading the truck one brick at a time. The truck drivers were helping and having a great time. They couldn’t believe that some of the girls were carrying so much…some of the boys too! The team was a real witness to them of how they can work together, even in the pouring rain. The team learned a lot today about working together and being a witness for the Lord. We finished the day with a late supper and hot chocolate! More things are planned this week including going to a nearby water park and doing some shopping. We are also going back to the school to teach some English and will have service for the orphanage on Sunday. We have also been invited to share with a group from Hong Kong on Saturday night at the church we were at last week. Time is going by so fast. We are enjoying our time here and appreciate all they are doing for us. We are learning to be grateful for what we do have and the families we have at home.


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