An Exciting Time

Singing with GuitarThe past few days have been exciting. We have been able to continue working on the wall of the boys’ bathroom here at the Haven. Since only a few people at a time can lay bricks for the wall, the other team members work at mixing mortar or one of the other projects. We have begun another project as well–working with the Haven’s septic tank. The tank is full and has some problems, so the team has been working at unearthing the tank in order to find and fix the problems.  The team continues to spend time with the kids of Mendies Haven, further cementing the relationships we have established. We have the opportunity to lead the kids’ prayer time on Mondays and Fridays, and we plan to teach them the Wordless Book on Monday. On Friday night, the Haven was throwing a farewell party for a family who has been friends of the Haven for several years, but is soon moving to the U.S. Our team took part in the festivities, watching the Mendies Haven kids’ farewell program, eating a delicious Nepali dinner, and playing games like hide-and-seek and duck-duck-goose, telling stories, and singing. Yesterday (Saturday) we attended church, once again enjoying the chance to worship with our Nepali brothers and sisters. This morning we will be going to the Thamel market for a brief surveying/shopping trip–we plan to do most of our shopping next Saturday, when some of the older kids from Mendies Haven can go with us and help barter! The weather has been pretty nice; although monsoon season is approaching, so far the rains have come in the late afternoon after our work hours are done, and at night while we sleep.  An update from a team member: Alyssa K. from Duvall, WA says: “So far the trip has been great; we’re going shopping today!  Hooray!  The work project is going very well, and I am excited to see how far we get by the end of the trip!”

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