An Update

Village ChurchThis Sunday our team enjoyed a lengthy service at the C.C.A.P. Presbyterian Church. It was a nice church with many choir groups who sang. Our team did a presentation for the church. Ian, Dave, Tyler  and Katie were very lively with their puppet presentation. Everyone was smiling and laughing. Ian and Tabi also did a skit that was incredible. Then Montana shared a brief testimony about what this trip has meant to her. She did an outstanding job. The evangelistic project is going well. We have had eight days of Vacation Bible School so far and it has been going well. All of our team members enjoy hanging out, playing and teaching the local children.  It has been a huge blessing to see the team grow through this. Each and every team member and leader is growing a changing this summer. We are all changed and God has renewed our hearts and lives. We have been using puppets everyday in Vacation Bible School and it has been very neat to watch children who usually don’t smile, grin from ear to ear.  Wednesday (7/22) is our last day of Vacation Bible School. We will be giving away a few fishing poles as prizes. Then on Thursday we are starting our boat ministry. We will be traveling by boat each day to a new village and holding presentations and sharing the gospel. We have also started a small work project in the mornings. We are hauling dirt and working on other various projects to help out the BMW base. Please continue to pray for us and the people of Malawi. Please pray for good health and for our ministry and outreach. The weather has been windy and cloudy lately. The nights and mornings are chilly but we always warm up with some wonderful Malawian tea or hot chocolate. As the day progresses, it warms up. On Monday night and early Tuesday morning (7/21) we had a few light rain showers.


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