Hello From Papua!

Cleaning ToolsGreetings once again from Papua! The team is accomplishing much on the work site. Yesterday, Tyler and Tori finished digging a garbage pit on the property and were covered up to their necks in mud! Every time it rains here (which is fairly often), the water rises from the ground and creates more mud, but the team has a good attitude about the situation. Several team members also finished the showering areas for the guys and girls. The rest of the team is working on a septic tank for the property. They have completed digging one out of three holes and are walling the completed hole with bricks. The team will definitely appreciate their septic systems at home after this job, which is also quite a muddy job. The team is also working on building the roof for the BMW building. The weather here is very hot and humid, but the evenings often bring cooler temperatures, along with rain and more mosquitoes. The meals for the team are cooked over a wood fire in a makeshift structure next to our sleeping area. Those who have had Kitchen Patrol have had the opportunity to improve their wood chopping skills as they often chop more wood for the fires we have to keep going almost constantly in order to make sure all of the food is cooked well for each meal. They appreciate the American food Naomi and Laura have been cooking after what seemed to be a lot of national food at the beginning of our time here. The team spent free time yesterday traveling a short distance down the road to a small convenience type store where they had the opportunity to buy sodas and a few snacks. This Sunday we will be attending two church services for presentations where they may have the opportunity to lead a few songs for the services and use other evangelism skills (such as puppets and drama) learned at Boot Camp. Here is a brief testimony from Zach: “I’m learning how important it is to really learn to work together as a team and not be selfish for anything, really. Nobody can get much done by themselves when you’re out doing the work we are doing wih such a small team.” Please be in continual prayer for our health and safety and that the team would learn to work with each other not only as they work, but also in the free time they spend with each other. Pray also for strength as all of us who feel weary —that we would know how to better encourage each other in everything. We praise God for the work He has done and will continue to do this summer in Papua!


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