Hola from Ecuador!

Hola from Ecuador! We have had a very busy weekend, spending Saturday preparing for our Sunday presentation at ¨Cielos Abiertos¨church, and preparing for a sight-seeing trip. Jessie and Jonathan spent a very busy day in the kitchen helping prepare food for travel,M & M cookies and home-made pizza. After our Sunday presentation, in which Amber and Javaughn got to star in a skit, we boarded a bus and travelled for three hours to Mount Quilotoa. Miss Jen and Miss Beth were both miserably sick on the bus, but agreed that it was worth it once the team arrived. Long ago, Mount Quilotoa exploded hugely and suddenly like Mount Saint Helens, and now has a lagoon inside it. We celebrated the beauty of God´s creation together in awe. We have been enjoying seeing the progress on our work around the base.  Rotating small groups have been steadily working on Mrs. Little´s room, and finished just in time, as she arrived today.  All of the kids have helped to paint the chapel and the exterior of the buildings here. The kids also got to add a personal touch to the benches in the chapel as they created designs using flowers of various kinds. We also continue to prepare the base for the Ecuadorian teens that will be coming to their own Boot Camp in a week. The team has loved seeing the sun set over the mountains. Each night is a different masterpiece for us to enjoy.  Although it´s cool enough in the evening to need a sweatshirt, as the sun comes out during the day, we can enjoy short sleeves. We have not seen any decisions for Christ, but we enjoy hearing from each other after morning devotions to see what God is doing in each of our lives. In the past few nights we´ve also been able to hear more in-depth experiences from Charissa, Daniel, Jonathan, and Mitchell. We´re so glad to have everybody in good health again. We don´t know if it was altitude sickness or stomach flu, but God has blessed us all with good health again. We´ve enjoyed Daniel´s Spanish talents as he helps translate for us anytime we need to talk to anyone. Ironically, though, he got a break on Sunday as our tour guide spoke French, and Miss Beth could translate for the team! Thank you all for your prayers for us – we have enjoyed safety in all of our work and travel. Please continue to pray for our safety, our witness, our health, and our spiritual growth. We look forward to our future opportunities here.  Dios le bendiga! (God bless!)


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