A Very Busy Week

Children's ClubThe Northern Ireland team has had a very busy week. The Abbey Church where the team is staying is hosting a Kid’s Club (VBS) each morning this week. The team members were responsible for creating a theme (water) and then building stories, games, crafts, and snacks around each day’s story within the specific week’s theme. After much preparation and prayer, the team was ready for the Club to begin. With the theme being water, Monday’s story was Noah: crafts included animal masks, games were based around animal tag, and the snack was biscuits (cookies), juice, and gummi animals. The same number of kids attended Club on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday’s story was ‘the parting of the Red Sea’: construction paper craft, Red Sea freeze tag, and trail mix with the Red Sea drink. Wednesday’s theme was based on the sea creature ‘Leviathan’ talked about in the book of Job. The kids made junk monsters (monster creations made from recycle containers), Simon Says & musical chairs, and the snack of a ‘dragon mixture’: Doritoes for the monster scales, fruit roll-up for the tongue and fire-yellow juice. In the opening group times, the team has been able to share songs, puppets, and skits. They are having a great time and making a difference!! They have also begun renovation on the Youth Center. Their construction plans include painting the Youth Fringe logo on the wall, relocating and organizing the snack shop, and building a stage. Future plans include two more days of the Kids Club and a Family Fun day on Saturday for all the local neighbors. Please pray that the word would be spread so many with join in the activities. ¬†Activities include face painting, jumping castle, kids games, balloon animals, puppets, dramas, and a BBQ. All the team members and leaders have finally gotten over their head colds and are enjoying a break from the rain. Although we have had several days of rain, we also enjoy a few mornings and some afternoon time of sunshine. The team split into two groups for dinner this past Monday night to attend dinner at two church member’s homes. The first group: Andy, Carrie Bekah, Drew, Calen, Lisa, Kristin, Mikkala L., Andrea, Alaina, Livy enjoyed a delicious meal of carrots, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, pork sausage, broccoli, milk, coke, and tea with a yummy dessert of caramel chocolate bars and strawberries and real cream. The other group of Coleen, Susannah, Scott, Drake, Caileigh, Corey, Maggie, Jordan, Mikayla B., Luis ate chicken, salad, Irish bread, water, orange soda, and tea with Guiness cake for dessert. The view from the homes on top of the hill was amazing. We could even see a glimpse of Scotland in the distance. We continue to pray and look forward to all the things God is going to do in and through this team.

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