Amazon River Team On The Road

Giving Clothes and Tracts to River FolkReporting in after a week outside of Cyberspace range. Thanks to all the parents for your patience. It has been an amazing week for us, I’m not sure how to report it really. Last Friday we were suppose to have left the TMI base for a road trip that would last a week, however Dave, the only driver, came down with a bad cold and so we postponed until Saturday. The Lord had better plans for the team though and it wasn’t at all a wasted day. In the morning the Brazilian BMW students took the team out to a nearby community where the team presented a children’s program for over 40 children and adults. It was lots of fun and gave the students a big boost of encouragement to have the team visit their humble little work. That evening we were invited to join with various Christian groups in town for an open air event that had an anti-drug emphasis. Evie, Remi, Josh, Topher, and Juanita presented a drama that they had just learnt about Christ identifying with our sufferings and sicknesses and giving us a new life. It went over very well. Giovanni and Ian gave great testimonies and the team sang a portuguese song to some background music. The sound stopped working halfway through the song but the team kept singing without hesitation. Everyone was very impressed and impacted. The next morning we loaded up the bus early and headed south to the state of Maranhao, just outside the city of Grajau to a small village on the Mearim River. (I’m giving you these references in case you are wanting to google earth it.) It was a 800km drive and took us about 14 hours. Smooth travel praise the Lord and thank you to those praying. We have been working with a Brazilian missionary for the past few days in an Indian village. We have had such a blessed time with these people. It is incredible to see how the gospel has changed not just lives but whole villages… all because of the faithfulness of a couple of young Brazilians that went in 10 years ago and didn’t quit. Highlights for everyone was playing with the children and swimming in the river. Josh went ballistic trying to compete with the indian boys, doing flips and rolls and tricks on the edge of the river. Liam and Ryan went off and found some mud  and covered themselves from head to toe. Next moment they had about 6 little indian boys around them, all covered in mud and grinning from ear to ear. The children introduced the team to a fruit called Tamarind… which everyone said was very sour but good. The last night we presented to the children first with puppets, skits, songs and a story and then went straight into a presentation for the whole village. Today we left the village and are in a small town called Lajeado Novo, just west of Porto Franco, in Maranhao still. We are being hosted by a Pastor that just met us as we were driving through on the way to the tribe. We arrived on their doorstep and they have provided lunch and lodging for the whole team. Tonight we are going to go door to door around the small town and then hold a service in their little church. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be getting up early for our longish return road trip to the TMI base (650km).


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