Shopping In Nepal

Nepal SightseeingWe have had a fun past few days. On Sunday we saw more of Katmandu as we visited the Thamel market, one of Nepal’s famous shopping areas. The team enjoyed the chance to eat out at restaurants, with one of the team’s travel groups eating at a Tibetan restaurant, another at a restaurant called “Big Belly’s” where they ate various Asian foods, and another at a restaurant that served momos–Nepal’s version of pot stickers/dumplings. After lunch, the team discovered how much fun bartering can be as they haggled over prices with shopkeepers. On Monday the team gave a presentation to the Haven’s kids during the kids’ prayer time. Along with puppet songs, the team used puppets to present the Wordless Book (which the kids already knew) and gave the kids Wordless Book bracelets, which the kids loved.  For the past few days, we have heard the Haven kids singing “You are my strength”–one of the puppet songs. The work projects are progressing well. We have finished digging what the team members have been calling “the pit of despair”–the septic tank–so that the Haven can repair it. Today we will finish the wall of the guys’ bathroom, rip out a window in the guys’ dorm, and begin bricking up the wall, as sinks will be installed there.Updates from team members: Janna, from North Bend, WA says: The kids here are amazing. They love to play sports with us and teach us things, and of course, take pictures. One little girl, Ranjita, has claimed me as her own. She is so sweet. Whenever it is play time, she comes and finds me, and we go swing on the swings or slide or play on the monkey bars. At the end of the summer it is going to be hard not to take her home with me. Amara says: When we first got to the Haven, the kids were all over us, and because they didn’t know our names, they called us by “brother” and “sister.” Then, as we got to know them better and they got to know us, they started using our names.  However, instead of calling me “Amara,” they call me “Camera Sister!” One of the kids that I have really attached to is Raswin. At four years old, he is the youngest at the Haven, and he always wants to sit with me and show me his homework. All the kids here are so sweet, and it’s going to be really hard leaving at the end of the summer because I know I will want to bring all of them home! It’s so beautiful here, and God has been so amazing to us.

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